Friday, February 4, 2011

There's a Girl , who i hated so badly ! But then , in a sudden she says's "Hi" to me and keep on asking me about "Him" , the boy who we both waited for his love . Shes being really nice to me , keep calling me "syg" . Huh you think im that stupid ? Go to hell . I dont give a damn what you say to me , because i know it's all just a FAKE ! I admited that i still love him and hoping for he's feeling matches mine and so does she ! She was hoping for the same thing , but i really dont wanted to lose him for that bitch ! I dont think she's being honest with him . But if he chooses for a happy life with her , i dont mind actually . Because i know , there's someone out there waiting for me . I just have to pray that the right one will come towards me and say the three beautiful words directly to my ears then go straight to my heart . Hope it stays in my heart :)

*Kisah benar ni , cehh haha ! Saje jea nkk speaking pulakk , poyo sekejap tk mati kan kan ? Haha ;p So thanks for reading this nonsence . Just bored sgt , so update jelaa :) Eheee , tk suke ? DONT CARE -.-

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