Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hi there bloggers. Long time no see aight? Haha yeah well, act aku malas nak on blogger sekarang. Last post aku pun time raya tahu lepas, which is on september. Lama kan? Hahaha. Okay firstly, i wanted to say . . . Happy New Year to all of you. Be a good person. Change your attitude. Throw away the negative and bring up the positive. Hope you have a better year than before. Amin.

Next, tahun baru boyfriend baru :D Hihi. Im taken by Akbar Sanjani bin Ibrahim. We been sharing hearts since 3 January 2012. Ya, dia lagi muda dari aku. But i dont even care what people thinks. I love him so much and thats the truth. I love my boyfriend. There's no one else but him. I swear this time i meant it.

I wish that i could be the best for him. I hope he felt the same way like i do and make this relationship last long enough till my last breath. No more fooling around and i want a serious one. Im tired of it. I dont want to be alone anymore. You're the one for me Akbar. Lots of from me, Rara.

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