Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Lovers or the saintific name is Couple , which a must of all teenager . Some people can be damn stupid and crazy because of love . Why ? act , the answer is in your own heart :) Wanna know about my love story ? Haa ni nkk habak mai . Haha xD Aku start couple time darjah 5 smpai skrg . Haha and fyi , im a deepthinking person . Yeahh ! Aku memang keras kpale , thats why coup pun tk kekal lame kn ! Hee Time aku single , it feels GREAT ! aku rase seronok , bebas , and paling penting , feels like i just wanna have fun ! And i did , yet sometimes i feel so lonely :( Rase mcm nkk jea cari laki yg aku suke , tros mintak coup kn ? haha , but im not that desprate okay :) Ape gune kawan kn ? dorg sentiasa di sisi , ready to cheer me up ! *ceh haha xD For that , aku rase bertuah sgt . Haha Thanks guys :D Now if ade couple pun , aku mcm tk serious dho . Selalu main-2 , text bf pun jarang sbb entah laa . Damn malas gilaa nkk text ! haha idk . Ade time jea aku rajin . Alaa mcm org lain , time rindu kita text laa kn ? haha ^^ Anyway , tak bermakne kite tk serious dgn org tu , kite tak syg dia . Oh no no no ! Trust me , Iloveyou boyfriend :)

P/S : Bahasa bercampur ni mmg style aku . Haha xD *joke and thanks for reading :)

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